Quick Tip: Don’t use Atom.aspx with Feedburner

If, like me, you’ve set up Feedburner with a Subtext 1.9.6 blog, point FeedBurner at RSS.aspx, not at Atom.aspx.  Most things work whichever way you do it, but when you view an article in Google Reader, it won’t include a link back to the original article.  As far as I can tell, this is because the Atom feed uses rel=self rather than rel=alternate.  This appears to be fixed in the latest code base, but that means it’s part of the huge 2.0 release.

It will take a while for FeedBurner and Google Reader to catch up.  I mean hours, not minutes, but it will fix the problem.

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Full time dad, does a bit of coding on the side.

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