IronPython: I really hope this isn’t going to happen in the final version.

I mean, seriously, how is someone expected to debug this?


The bit I really dislike: try to spot where the name of the function that threw the error.  I guess it’ll be slicker when it’s finished…

For that matter, I’d rather not see this appear, either:


In fairness, many of Boo’s error messages are pretty useless.

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One thought on “IronPython: I really hope this isn’t going to happen in the final version.”

  1. Curt: I could indeed. Sadly, I’ve been in Egypt for the past two weeks and have completely forgotten how. It was a bug in the IronPython spider code.I’m now kicking myself for not documenting it properly at the time.Ross: The URL was indeed horribly malformed. It wasn’t even vaguely correct. My objection to the error message, though, was the amount that scripting implementation details were disguising my stack trace.


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