More Solution Transforms

I’ve finally managed to get enough time to knock out a release of Solution Transform.  The original Silverlight transform code is unchanged, but there’s a lot of new features.  It’s now usable for quite a number of build tasks.  I’ve even actually written a documentation page on how to use it.  if feedback is positive, I’ll actually make a binary distribution of the tool.

Basically, it now allows you to script conversion to Silverlight, adding and removing of projects, rebasing of assemblies, renaming of projects, and merging and demerging of solutions.  When I next get to it, I’m planning on enabling parallel VS2010 and VS2008 work. 

A note about the source code repository, the Castle Project as a whole is currently moving to github, and Contrib will no longer be hosted directly by Castle.  I’ve moved Solution Transform already because it was actually pretty easy for me to do, having no history that was worth keeping.

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