Connecting Windows and Ubuntu

The whole reason I’ve been playing with Ubuntu is that I want to work with Unix-world technologies on an actual Unix box.  The friction in getting anything to work on Windows is often just too high.  So, the next job is to set stuff up so that you can connect up the two boxes and get a development environment working.

Get SSH Working

  • sudo apt-get –y install ssh
  • Download the PuTTY installer and run it.*
  • Connect to the machine and trust the fingerprint.

From now on, you never need actually directly access the

*At the time of writing, Chiark was down.  Amazingly, Google Chrome offered to redirect me to a mirror.

Get Samba Working

Okay, you can now use the editors of your choice and compile on your Linux server.  If you are absolutely certain you’re only ever going to use this as a dev box, add the following:

   comment = The Root Directory
   path = /
   guest ok = no
   security = user

This is actually pretty useful if you are just trying to understand what’s going on because, of course, packages don’t tend to get installed in your home directory.

The correct command to run after changing the config on Lucid Lynx is “sudo restart smbd”

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