Gotcha: Don’t Call a Namespaces "Models" in Caliburn Micro

Here’s how Caliburn finds the view for your view model: it removes the word Model from the FullName of your view model.  So

  • Caliburn.Micro.Hello.ShellViewModel becomes Caliburn.Micro.Hello.ShellView
  • Caliburn.Micro.ViewModels.ShellView becomes Caliburn.Micro.Views.ShellView

However, it’s important to understand that it removes every instance of the word model from the FullName.  So

  • Caliburn.Micro.Models.ShellViewModel becomes Caliburn.Micro.s.ShellView

Since it’s highly unlikely you created a namespace called “s”, it follows that the convention is going to fail to find the view.

More generally, this is a classic case of under-reporting in errors.  The error tells you that it couldn’t find the view, but what it doesn’t tell you is where it looked.  This being an open source application, it’s relatively easy to find out once you’ve determined that you need to be looking at the ViewLocator code.  But still, the error could be better, and it would save people who had made a mistake some time.

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