Clojure Talks at SkillsMatter

I was honoured enough to do another lightning talk at SkillsMatter.  I’m afraid I had easily the least interesting talk of the evening, as you can see from the hastily prepared slides on Google Docs.

Neale Swinnerton gave a great talk on Paredit.  I’m still trying to nail paredit, and this was a great help.  The slides are a thing of beauty, watch them in full screen mode. 

Nick Rothwell gave a lightning talk that I wish had been longer, on teaching Clojure to artists.  He’s done some amazing and thankless work on embedding Clojure in MaxMSP.  As always, he gave a great demo.

Malcolm Sparks has already written up the main talk, which was excellent.  I’m not convinced I agree with him about excluding executable code from configuration (I have form on this).  Ultimately, I believe that “configuration” is just a way we describe code properties that different between environments.  There’s no need for it to be XML, or an INI file, or RDF.  The only requirement really is for it to be findable and editable at short notice.

Neale is doing another talk on 6th March on Clojurescript One.

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