Clojure: Stages of Enlightenment.

I’ve tentatively identified seven stages of enlightenment in Clojure sequence processing.

  • Uses recursion
  • Uses recur
  • Uses loop/recur
  • Uses Clojure API functions such as filter and map
  • Uses reduce
  • Uses all Clojure API functions and understands implications.  At this point you can consider yourself a 4clojure 1st Dan.
  • Uses clojure.set as well

There may be higher levels, but Jay Fields hasn’t blogged about them yet.

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One thought on “Clojure: Stages of Enlightenment.”

  1. @Colin: Why do you thing lets are inferior to using ->/->>? In general I think let increases code clarity while ->/->> usually result in shorter code that may not be as readable as a longer version of code.Sure, if you just want to apply a sequence of functions to something, ->/->> are obvious and easy to understand. But once the expressions get more complicated I prefer to take a step back and define intermediate results in a let-binding.


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